Monday, May 24, 2010

Drowning in Deming

Watch my speed through the mining district and more rain but back on the road in good spirits. Approaching Deming the rain sheeting down and starts leaking into my rain suit makeing my crotch wet and cold. Under the overpass and hit the first gas station and it really starts pouring. I am told to move my bike over but still under cover and proceed to wait it out. I make quick friends with the guy talking to the attendant/mechanic I hear all about Deming getting it’s first movie theatre and think their pulling my leg. They say there’s nothing to do in this town. The one guy is Hispanic and older and the mechanic is probably a few years younger than me. I hear all about the older guy selling his property in California and his daughter in San Francisco and her DUI. "That’s why I have her car" His wife has Family in Deming and he liked it here well enough, so he bought some land and built a house. After a while he leaves and I sit in the repair bay with the mechanic while he smokes. I learn about the owners problem son and the truck he blew up that’s sitting outside with a flat, and how he can only ride one of the Harleys if he has clearance from his dad. The harleys are getting good and wet from the run off from the building. He says they were just washed yesterday.

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