Sunday, May 16, 2010

More rain and changing scenery as I climb my way into salt river canyon. The road switches back and forth and the road sides grow taller as I continue to climb. The rain keeps my pace modest and the cars slow to avoid large shoe box sized rocks washed into the road from the cliffs. More rocks in the road and rain and twisty road make for a treacherous ride. And up around a turn I see an upside down full size truck. Instictively I pull over to help. I take off my helmet and see someone walking towards the wreck. Then from the truck someone says "I’m alright" and we look at each other dumbfounded. Then the door on top of the truck opens then the man helps hold the door up as a man in a cowboy hat and matching duster climbs up. "Anybody else in there?" "Nope, just me" "Guess I totaled my truck" "A little bit" I say. Cars slow and ask if everythings OK and the man in the hat goes about collecting his things from the wreck. "Seatbelts work good" he said. After a few minutes I take a leak a few pics and wave goodbye as an emergency vehicle arrives.

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