Monday, June 14, 2010

Hi Gary
Bike made it about an hour or two from Devils Tower when I saw you last before quiting. 100 miles left of nowhere Wyoming. Acted like it ran out of gas and wouldn't re-start. Checked the fuel filter, fuel pump, Checked for spark, pulled the injectors and made sure they sprayed. Knocked some debris out of them. Got it to run a second and dead again. Switch out the plugs with an old set I had, still nothing. As I'm messing with the bike an old character on a 4 wheel atv is hanging about. Said he is going to get a pick-up over at that ranch. I ask him how much to hire him to take me to the next town with a bike shop. He's going to Gillete to get a new riding lawn mower at Sears. He heads off to get the truck and some ramps. We load it up and all my stuff and head out. Chat about the old ironhead sportster he built out of two crashed bikes. He worked as a Millwright for the coal powered electric plants we drove past and he told me about the strip mining for coal nearby. We locate Tony's speed & Sport in Gillette. They agree to help me although BMWs are not their thing. I offer Millwright Marty some taxi money, he refuses. Bike into the shop. I did most of the wrenching under wise supervision. And it was back in order after new injector o-rings, plugs, and some fussing with. Bad ethanol maybe. Marty brought his new over head valve deluxe riding mower by and checked on me. I paid for my hours shop rate and parts. Thanked everyone and with the bike as it was went on my way. It was great having some one to ride with in South Dakota. I would have never seen it the same way.

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