Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ring of Fire

I saw an ad on Craigslist a while back for a complete triumph motor $300. I don't need it but I call and end up going to look at it for a friends project. It's in West Phoenix and a crappy part of town. Getting in touch with them was sketchy. When I get there I was met by a fast talking old thinning long haired biker in a Slayer t-shirt with the sleeves cut off. He liked my old truck. I go in the back yard and there are bike parts everywhere and not a whole bike to be seen. The motor is a disaster. Dismantled in milk crates and missing parts. I try to buy a finned Triumph primary but it's not for sale(I manage to buy it later). I hesitate, but offer $100 for the parts and we settle at $160. We keep talking about bikes. And the badly bent frame by the gate. His old lady smashed it and broke her jaw. By this time his brother is standing around, he's fatter and not wearing a shirt showing off his home made tattoos. They take a liking to me and show me pics of their now dismantled and smashed bikes in their prime condition circa 1983 judging by the pics. The last pic is the showpiece. Large color photograph all framed up. I look at the details on the bike then I notice what looks like some of the yard was set on fire with lighter fluid. I ask, is that a ring of fire around the bike? He says.... Hell Yeah It's A Ring Of Fire!!!!!


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  2. Oops I Accidentally deleted my comment...
    I once lit a little ramp on fire and made my boyfriend jump it with an old BMX bike. He was a REAL Bad-ASS!!! HaHa
    From Hawaii,
    With Love and Matches