Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Never give up !

I fixed the motor bracket and wired the motor on the new used lathe. It ran one direction but just buzzed in the other. After further inspection I noticed the motor case was split the entire length. Studied it and decided to strip the case and weld it up. Get after the Chinese iron with the welder on full power, preheated with mapp gas and peened the welds. When I go to put the guts back the case is distorted so it is a tight fit. So I use the press to fit it and blow out the other side of the case. Shut off the light and walk away. This morning I call the manufacturer to buy a new motor. Parts guy is late for work, so I look at my mess in the shop. I decide one more try. I line up the guts clamp the case together and weld just the ends with every thing inside. I put it back together and it works in both directions. Ignorance and perseverance pays off again.

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